C.S. Conservative shithead #3 – Steven Shearer

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C.S. (Conservative Journal) Journal is a printed publication and an information network dedicated to the community of visuals artists influenced by the extreme metal scene (death-metal, grindcore, black-metal, drone-doom as well as hardcore-punk). The publication is a monographic limited edition each time dedicated to a contemporary artist and explore the connections with the musicians the artist’s work is related to. C.S. is also a network for artists, musicians and anyone else interested in the visual aspects of extreme metal. Out on June 1rst 2011 at Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Italy, where Steven Shearer represented Canada.
Éditions le gac press
Conception graphique
Contributeurs Marquis Marky, Dieter Roelstraete, Rachelle Sawatsky, Steven Shearer
Direction d’ouvrage Jerome Lefevre & Damien Deroubaix
Juin 2011
8 pages
Couverture souple
ISBN 978-2364090064
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